Margaret Atwood Reading Month: Wrap-Up 2019 #MARM

Thanks to everyone who participated in Margaret Atwood Reading Month and contributed their enthusiasm, interest and experience to making the event a success.

Last year, MARM consisted of five weeks with five themes: Beginnings, Cover Images, Favourites, Quotations, and Endings. This year, with the release of the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, we decided on a month-long read-along of The Handmaid’s Tale and/or The Testaments. And, of course, whatever else by or about Margaret Atwood that caught your fancy.


The Handmaid’s Tale

Naomi @ Consumed by Ink – Introductory post (including about 10, 000 cover images)

Marcie @ Buried in Print – The Handmaid’s Tale (Re) Read-a-long (Slightly Spoilery)

Laura @ Laura Tisdall, Writer and Historian – The Reread Project: The Handmaid’s Tale

Marcie @ Buried in Print – Still Thinking About The Handmaid’s Tale

Marcie @ Buried in Print – Moving From The Handmaid’s Tale to The Testaments

Naomi @ Consumed by Ink – A 17-Year-Old’s Perspective of The Handmaid’s Tale


The Handmaid’s Tale Mini Series

Marcie @ Buried in Print – Reviewing Episode One of The Handmaid’s Tale (Spoilery)


The Testaments

Naomi @ Consumed by Ink – Intro to The Testaments Read-Along (No Spoilers)

Brona @ Brona’s Books – The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

Laila @ Big Reading Life – The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

Laura @ Laura Tisdall, Writer and Historian – #MARM and #SciFiMonth: The Testaments

Marcie @ Buried in Print – Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments (Film and Book)

Kay @ What Me Read – Review 1422: Margaret Atwood Reading Month – The Testaments



Lisa @ ANZ LitLovers LitBlog – Surfacing by Margaret Atwood


The Edible Woman

Paula @ Book Jotter – MARM 2019: The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood



Ali @ Heavenali – Had-Seed by Margaret Atwood


The Robber Bride

Rebecca @ Bookish Beck – Margaret Atwood Reading Month: The Robber Bride and Moral Disorder


Moral Disorder

Rebecca @ Bookish Beck – Margaret Atwood Reading Month: The Robber Bride and Moral Disorder


Margaret Atwood celebrated her 80th birthday on the 18th of November. I think we can all agree (even those who may not be a fan of her writing) that Margaret Atwood has made quite a name for herself and has made a huge contribution to the world of literature, here in Canada and around the world. The Making of Margaret Atwood (The Walrus) is a wonderful tribute to her career, told by a variety of writers, publishers, and friends who have known her over the years.

Charles Pachter: They called her “Peggy Nature,” and she looked like a young Jane Goodall. She had a little kerchief and was wearing rubber boots and sensible jungle wear. We were working at Camp White Pine. I was sixteen; she was eighteen going on nineteen. She had what was called a nature hut, full of toads and newts and snakes. The kids were sitting, squirming, at her feet, and she sort of motioned me over and said, “I want you to stroke a toad to prove to the kids that you won’t get warts.” We were friends from that day on.

17 thoughts on “Margaret Atwood Reading Month: Wrap-Up 2019 #MARM

  1. Paula Bardell-Hedley says:

    Many thanks to you and Marcie for hosting another fabulous Margaret Atwood Reading Month. I’m sorry I was able only to contribute one post this year but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all the reviews and other pieces. Will you do it again next year? I really hope so. Big hugs to both you amazing ladies. Your hard work is very much appreciated. 🤗

    • Naomi says:

      Thanks so much, Paula! Your enthusiasm for it is so appreciated.
      Right now, I have no idea what we’re going to do next year, but I’m sure we’ll be discussing it soon. 🙂

  2. A Life in Books says:

    I had coffee with a friend who lives in quite a rural area this week. She’d been thrilled to see Margaret Atwood in her nearest city and even more so when she appeared at a nearby small festival but the icing on the cake was Atwood’s visit to a local school. Hat tip to Ms Atwood and then some!

  3. Lisa Hill says:

    Thanks to you both for hosting this, it was a good excuse to raid the TBR!
    And, seconding Bill’s comment, yes indeed, a long haul flight would daunt many at the age of 80… I hope she’s travelling first class and has one of those nice seats you can lie down in!

    • Naomi says:

      So did I! I didn’t even get around to reviewing The Testaments. But I’ve read it, and that’s the main thing. 🙂
      Thanks for joining in, Ali!

  4. annelogan17 says:

    She’s quite the lady, isn’t she? Funny thing about Charles Pachter, I was his book publicist for a few months when I lived in Toronto, ( he wrote and illustrated a children’s book called M is for Moose) and he was an absolute joy to work with. He is the most quirky, fun-loving guy, and he always had such nice things to say about Margaret Atwood. They’re all part of that Toronto crew 🙂

  5. susan says:

    Hi Naomi : I read The Handmaid’s Tale in 2017 and just finished The Testaments last week. I enjoyed both — and thought they were well done. I thought The Testaments lived up to being a sequel and felt it was solid and suspenseful …. I’m glad Atwood wrote it.

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