Guest Post: Dian Day’s The Madrigal

The Miramichi ReaderĀ is an excellent site that champions Canadian Literature and small publishers, with a focus on Atlantic Canada. For the second time, James Fisher and I are doing a book review swap for which James has chosen to read and review The Madrigal by Dian Day. Dian Day is the author of The Clock … Continue reading Guest Post: Dian Day’s The Madrigal


Catch My Drift by Genevieve Scott

Catch My Drift is a compelling novel about a mother and daughter, living together while also living their own private lives. Over the span of twenty years, the chapters alternate between Lorna's story (in third person) and Cara's (in first). Lorna had dreams of standing out in her sport of swimming. But first she was … Continue reading Catch My Drift by Genevieve Scott

Sarah Selecky #1: Radiant Shimmering Light

In the spirit of Sarah Selecky's novel... Dear Reader, I am writing to you today about an exciting life-changing opportunity - Sarah Selecky's new novel Radiant Shimmering Light. This brilliant book has enhanced the way I see the world. It has inspired me to be my natural self every day, and I strongly believe it … Continue reading Sarah Selecky #1: Radiant Shimmering Light