Atlantic Canadian Book Reviews

Autism: The Gift That Needs To Be Opened

Armstrong, Sally – The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor

Arsenault, Colin Sweets – Short Mercy

Babcock, Becca – One Who Has Been Here before

Bala, Sharon – The Boat People

Barbeau, Melissa – The Luminous Sea

Bascaramurty, Dakshana – This is Not the End of Me

Beaton, Kate – Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands

Belliveau, Renee – The Sound of Fire

Benjamin, Chris – Drive-By Saviours

Benjamin, Chris – Boy With A Problem

Bertin, Kris – Bad Things Happen

Bertin, Kris – Use Your Imagination! 

Best, Laura – Good Mothers Don’t

Bhat, Shashi – The Most Precious Substance on Earth

Brennan, Binnie – Harbour View

Brennan, Binnie – A Certain Grace

Browne, Violet – This Is the House That Luke Built

Bruneau, Carol – These Good Hands, Glass Voices

Bruneau, Carol – A Bird on Every Tree

Bruneau, Carol – A Circle on the Surface

Bruneau, Carol – Brighten the Corner Where You Are

Bruneau, Carol – Depth Rapture

Bryan, Ali – Roost

Bryan, Ali – The Figgs

Buckler, Ernest – The Mountain and the Valley

Burnet, Jaime – Crocuses Hatch From Snow

Bursey, Jeff – Unidentified man at left of photo

Bush, Catherine – Blaze Island

Byggdin, K.R. – Wonder World

Canning, Bridget – The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes

Canning, Bridget – Some People’s Children

Carr, Charlene – Hold My Girl

Case, James – Ananias

Choyce, Lesley – The Unlikely Redemption of John Alexander MacNeil

Clark Joan – The Birthday Lunch

Clarke, George Elliott – George and Rue, Portia White

Clarke, George Elliott – Where Beauty Survived

Coady, Lynn – Watching You Without Me 

Coles, Megan Gail – Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome

Coles, Megan Gail – Small Game Hunting At the Local Coward Gun Club

Colford, Ian – A Dark House and Other Stories

Colford, Ian – Perfect World

Comeau, Joey – Malagash

Conlin, Christy Ann – Heave, The Memento

Conlin, Christy Ann – Watermark

Cotter, Charis – Footsteps in Bay de Verde

Crewe, Lesley – Relative Happiness, Are you Kidding Me?!

Crewe, Lesley – The Spoon Stealer

Crewe, Lesley – Nosy Parker

Critch, Mark – Son of a Critch

Crocker, Eva – Barrelling Forward

Crocker, Eva – All I Ask

Crummey, Michael – Sweetland, River Thieves, Galore, The Wreckage, Little Dogs

Crummey, Michael – The Innocents

Cull, Kerri – Rock Paper Sex

Curran, Oisín – Blood Fable

Currie, Sheldon – The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum

Curwin, Julie – The Appendage Formerly Known as Your Left Arm

Davison, Nicola – In the Wake

Davison, Nicola – Decoding Dot Grey

Day, Dian – The Madrigal (James’ review)

Dian Day – The Madrigal (My review)

de Mariaffi, Elizabeth – The Devil You Know

Domet, Stephanie – Fallsy Downsies, Homing

Doucet, Jane – The Pregnant Pause, Fishnets & Fantasies

Doyle, Alan – All Together Now

Doyle, Alan – Where I Belong

Doyle, Alan – A Newfoundlander in Canada

Doyle, Terry – Dig

Doyle, Terry – The Wards

Ekwuyasi, Francesca – Butter Honey Pig Bread

Elliott, Marilyn Davidson – The Blind Mechanic

Endicott, Marina – The Difference

Evans, Kate – The Inward Journey

Fenton, Andre – Annaka

Fitch, Sheree – You Won’t Always Be This Sad

Fitzpatrick, Jamie – The End of Music

Follett, Beth – Instructor

French, Bobbi – The Good Women of Safe Harbour

Frost, Karolyn Smardz – Steal Away Home

Gallant, Joanne – A Womb In the Shape of A Heart

Glenn Norris, Laurie –Found Drowned

Graham, Genevieve – Tides of Honour, Promises to Keep

Graham, Genevieve – Come From Away, The Forgotten Home Child, Letters Across the Sea

Grant, Jessica – Come, Thou Tortoise

Greer, Darren – Just Beneath My Skin

Greer, Darren – Advocate

Greer, Darren – Outcast

Gregor, James – Going Dutch

Hallett, Michelle Butler – This Marlowe

Hallett, Michelle Butler – Constant Nobody

Hamilton, Sylvia D. – And I Alone Escaped to Tell You

Hellard, Tyler – Searching for Terry Punchout

Helwig, David – The Stand-In

Helwig, David – Killing McGee

Hemming, Deborah – Throw Down Your Shadows

Hemming, Deborah – Goddess

Herring, Nicholas – Some Hellish

Hickey, Gemma – Almost Feral

Hill, Andria – Mona Parsons

Hlongwane, Gugu – Electric Fences

Huebert, David – Peninsula Sinking

Huebert, David – Six Six Two Fifty

Huebert, David – Chemical Valley

Hynes, Joel Thomas – We’ll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Day 

Ingram, Katie – Breaking Disaster

Jewell, Sara – Field Notes: A City Girl’s Search For Heart and Home in Rural Nova Scotia

Joe, Rita – Song of Eskasoni, I Lost My Talk

Johnston, Wayne – Baltimore’s Mansion, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, Custodian of Paradise

Jones, Amy – We’re All In This Together

Jones, Amy – Every Little Piece of Me 

Jones, Andy – Barefoot Helen and the Giants

joudry, shalan – Elapultiek, Generations Re-merging, Waking Ground

Kawaja, Shelly – The Raw Light of Morning

Kimber, Stephen – The Sweetness in the Lime

Komar, Debra – The Ballad of Jacob Peck

Laffoley, Steven – The Blue Tattoo

Laffoley, Steven – A Halifax Christmas Carol, Halifax Nocturne

Laffoley, Steven – Unfiltered: An Irreverent History of Beer in Nova Scotia, Dulse to Donairs: An Irreverent History of Food in Nova Scotia

Langille, Carole Glasser – Doing Time

Leeson, Garry – The Dome Chronicles

Levangie, Richard – Secrets of the Hotel Maisonneuve

Loney, Bretton – The Last Hockey Player

Lucas, Chad – Thanks A Lot, Universe

MacDonald, Ann-Marie – Adult Onset, Fall On Your Knees, As the Crow Flies

MacDonald, Frank – A Forest for Calum

MacLennan-Dunphy, Brenda – The Silence of the Vessel

MacLeod, Alexander – Animal Person

MacLeod, Alistair – Remembrance, No Great Mischief

MacLeod, Alistair – The Boat, In the Fall, As Birds Bring Forth the Sun, The Vastness of the Dark, The Golden Gift of Grey, To Every Thing There Is a Season, Second Spring, Winter Dog

MacNeil, Beatrice – The Geranium Window

Major, Kevin – Found Far and Wide

Malone, Stephens Gerard – The History of Rain

McDougall, Carol – Wake the Stone man

McEwen, Jim – Fearnoch

McKay, Ami – The Birth House, The Virgin Cure

McKay Jr., Leo – Twenty-Six, Roll Up the Rim

McLennan, Hugh – Barometer Rising

McMillan, Amber – The Running Trees

Mercer, Rick – Talking to Canadians

Mian, Sarah – When the Saints

Mitchell, Shandi – The Waiting Hours

Monaghan, Damhnait – New Girl in Little Cove

Montgomery, Lucy Maud – The Blythes are Quoted, Anne of Green Gables, Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs, Emily’s Quest, After Many Years, Jane of Lantern Hill

Moore, Lisa – Caught, February, Flannery

Moore, Lisa – Something for Everyone

Moore, Lisa – This Is How We Love

Morgan-Cole, Trudy J. – Most Anything You Please

Morgan-Cole, Trudy J. – A Roll of the Bones, Such Miracles and Mischiefs

Morrissey, Donna – The Fortunate Brother

Morrow, Jennie – Bird Shadows

Murray, Morgan – Dirty Birds

Narbonne, Andre – Lucien & Olivia

Nason, Riel – The Town That Drowned, All the Things We Leave Behind

Onyemelukwe-Onuobia, Cheluchi – The Son of the House

Osmond, Rosalie – Broken Symmetry

Palka, Kurt – The Piano Maker

Parker, Fawn – What We Both Know

Parker-Brown, Angela – Writing With My Eyes

Pelley, Chad – Away From Everywhere, Every Little Thing, Four-Letter Words

Pellissier-Lush, Julie – Epekwitk: Mi’kmaq Poetry from Prince Edward Island

Phinney, Sandra – Waking Up in My Own Backyard

Porter, C.S. – Beneath Her Skin

Powell, Kerry Lee – Willem de Kooning’s Paintbrush

Powley, Jen – Just Jen

Powning, Beth – A Measure of Light, The Sea Captain’s Wife

Powning, Beth – The Sister’s Tale

Poynter, Adele – Dancing In a Jar

Preston, Rachael – The Wind Seller

Pugsley, Alex – Aubrey McKee

Pugsley, Alex – Shimmer

Raddall, Thomas H. – The Nymph and the Lamp, Hangman’s Beach

Raddall, Thomas H. – At the Tide’s Turn, The Wings of Night 

Richards, David Adams – The Bay of Love and Sorrows

Robart-Johnson, Sharon – Africa’s Children

Robart-Johnson, Sharon – Jude and Diana

Robinson, Olivia – The Blue Moth Motel

Shaw, RC – Louisbourg or Bust

Simpson, Anne – Speechless

Sinnott, Susan – Catching the Light

Sinnott, Susan – The Remembering

Skibsrud, Johanna – Tiger, Tiger

Slayter, Rebecca Silver – In the Land of Birdfishes

Slayter, Rebecca Silver – The Second History

Smith, Emily Taylor – Around the Province in 88 Days

Smith-Nochasak, Anne M. – A Canoer of Shorelines

Spurway, Amy – Crow

Stapleton, Bernardine Ann Teraz – Love, Life

Tacon, Claire – In the Field

Tattrie, Jon – Black Snow

Taylor, Alison – Aftershock

Taylor, Susie – Even Weirder Than Before

Taylor, Wanda – The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children 

Thomas, Rebecca – I’m Finding My Talk, I Place You Into the Fire

Twist, Arielle – Disintegrate/Dissociate

Victory Meat: New Fiction from Atlantic Canada, edited by Lynn Coady

Vowles, Martha – Senior Management

Vryenhoek, Leslie – Ledger of the Open Hand

Vryenhoek, Leslie – We All Will Be Received

Walbourne-Gough, Douglas – Crow Gulch

Wall, Aimee – We, Jane

Wamboldt, Michelle – Birth Road

Warner, Patrick – One hit Wonders

Warner, Patrick – My Camino

Watson, Allison – Transplanted

Watt, Alison – Dazzle Patterns

Wesley, Gloria Ann – If This Is Freedom

Wicks, Heidi – Melt

Wilkshire, Claire – The Love Olympics

Wilson, Budge – Before Green Gables, After Swissair

Wilson, Martha – Nosy White Woman

Winter, Kathleen – Annabel

Winter, Michael – Minister Without Portfolio

Winters, Michelle – I Am a Truck

Wunker, Erin – Notes From a Feminist Killjoy

Young, Adam and Jennifer – The Little Red Shed

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