Highlights of 2018

My last post focused on Best Atlantic Canadian Reads of 2018. Here's everything else... Best Books (in addition to Best of Atlantic Canada 2018, in no particular order): The Prisoner and the Chaplain by Michelle Berry You Are Among Monsters by Jon R. Flieger The Red Word by Sarah Henstra  (winner of the 2018 Governor General Literary … Continue reading Highlights of 2018


The Best of Atlantic Canada 2018

Three years ago I decided to challenge myself to read more books from Atlantic Canada. In my first year I read 22 from the region, and in my second year 30. This year I read 23. % of books read from Atlantic Canada: 26% (last year, 32%) Newfoundland: 7 (last year, 6) Nova Scotia: 14 (last year, 17) … Continue reading The Best of Atlantic Canada 2018

Literature on the Black Loyalists of Nova Scotia

This spring and summer I got reading about Black Loyalists in Nova Scotia, inspired mostly by reading Lawrence Hill's Black Berry, Sweet Juice and by the subsequent discussion I had with my sister. Around the same time I also read Steal Away Home by Karolyn Smardz Frost. All of this made me want to know … Continue reading Literature on the Black Loyalists of Nova Scotia