2016 Scotiabank Giller Prize Winner

The Shadow Jury’s winner: (my review)


The Real 2016 Giller Winner: (my review)


My thoughts: Do Not Say We Have Nothing is a beautiful book and a deserving winner of the Giller Prize. To hear Madeleine Thien’s acceptance speech or to watch the entire program, visit CBC Books.


They look nice together, don’t you think? Read them both!

Read them all!

In fact, they all look pretty nice together… Read them all!

Congratulations to the winner Madeleine Thein, and to all the finalists; Catherine Leroux, Zoe Whittall, Gary Barwin, Mona Awad and Emma Donoghue!

Thank you to my fellow jurors, Kim and Alison, as well as our adjudicator and cheer-leader, Mrs. KfC!  Lovely to work with all of you.

One last thing: I went to the Giller Light Bash (Halifax) last night with my sister. All proceeds from the event go to support Frontier College Canada’s Literacy Organization. But like a dummy, I didn’t take any pictures or bring home any souvenirs. Except for my memories. (I have Sarah to vouch for me, though – it was nice to see you there!) So, I will leave you with this:


My sister and I after the Bash. 🙂

Did anyone else get out to one of the Giller bashes last night, or watch from home? Any thoughts on the winner – agree? disagree? Were you crossing your fingers for someone else? Do you think anything could/should be done differently?

31 thoughts on “2016 Scotiabank Giller Prize Winner

  1. susanosborne55 says:

    Funnily enough, I’m still not convinced about the Thien – readily available here in the UK – but love the sound of The Party Wall, not so readily available in print here. I’ll get my hands on a copy somehow! Glad to hear you enjoyed your bash, Naomi.

    • Naomi says:

      It was nice to see you there, too, Sarah (and Marianne)! I’m terrible for remembering to take pictures – not having a phone doesn’t help. Next year! 🙂

  2. The Paperback Princess says:

    I am the WORST for taking pictures at events like that. I like the photo of you and your sister though!
    Can you believe I had actually read ONE of the books? I’m always a little scared off by the literary prize books. They seem so serious. Was fun to follow along with the shadow jury though!

    • Naomi says:

      I know what you mean about books that are up for prizes – they are not always the most ‘readable’. But this bunch was great – I’d recommend them to just about anyone!
      I think you’d really love The Best Kind of People!

  3. TJ @ MyBookStrings says:

    How wonderful that you were able to go to the event. I always console myself with the same thought when I forget to take pictures, which is frequently: at least I got it all stored in my head. 🙂

  4. Laila@BigReadingLife says:

    Thank you for writing about this particular literary prize and for making me more aware of it and these novels! I’m going to read either The Party Wall or the Zoe Whittall book, and maybe the Mona Awad. Cute pic of you and your sister!

  5. FictionFan says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts on the Giller and impressed at the range of books that got on the shortlist. These prizes are great for getting authors’ names better known and the blogosphere is equally great for letting us know about prizes from countries other than our own. Glad you had fun at the event – you deserved to! 🙂

    • Naomi says:

      Thanks FF! I seriously enjoyed every one of the books (which I’m sure is not something that could be said for every year’s list), and I loved how different they all were. Their differences, however, make them that much harder to choose between!

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