The Cure for Death by Lightning

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the first book I am going to read for my CanLit Project.  The author’s name is Gail Anderson-Dergatz, and although I don’t remember having ever heard of her, I found her book on my shelf.  I have had it for a while, but have not read it yet.  (This will not be the first book to be found unread on my shelves.)

The Cure for Death by Lightning is a Globe and Mail Notable Book of the Year, 1996, as well as a shortlisted book for both The Giller Prize and the Chapters/Books in Canada First Novel Award.

And, if that isn’t enough to make me want to read it, read this praise for the book from The Globe and Mail:

“Superlative….Flowers rain from the sky in this book….(It) is Canadian to the core.  You can trace a line to it from Susannah Moodie through Margaret Atwood (and..) Alice Munro.”

Yes, I think I will read this book.  But first I have to read a couple that are due back at the library soon.  If you are interested in a great website with a listing of many Canadian writers and their books, you can find it here:

Has anyone read or heard of this book?

4 thoughts on “The Cure for Death by Lightning

  1. Sarah says:

    I remember hearing about this book!! I think it was on Richardson’s Round-Up with Bill Richardson in the afternoons on CBC. I still miss that radio program! He would have a book section where they read them aloud over weeks and I’m pretty sure this was one of them??

    • naomi88 says:

      I remember that show too, but when I did a quick search I couldn’t find anything about which books he read on the show. But the book was written quite a while ago, so you probably remember right!

  2. Laura Stanfill says:

    I love this book! A Canadian friend of mine recommended it to me years ago, and then it took me a while to find it in a bookstore. I reread it a year or two ago and was thrilled that it held up to my memory of that first great read. I hope you enjoy it!

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