Highlights of 2022

As always, the best thing about book blogging is the bookish community, online and in "real" life. I have loved getting to know so many passionate readers and bloggers and writers and reviewers and publishers. Thank you for reading and commenting and visiting and chatting and writing and publishing! 🙂 ATLANTIC CANADA Seven years ago … Continue reading Highlights of 2022

Atlantic Book Awards Shortlist 2021

(The highlighted titles will take you to reviews written by myself or the folks at the Miramichi Reader who are way ahead of me!) Alistair MacLeod Prize for Short FictionBoy with a Problem by Chris Benjamin (Pottersfield Press)Winter Road by Wayne Curtis (Pottersfield Press)The Appendage Formerly Known as Your Left Arm by Julie Curwin (Boularderie Island Press) Ann … Continue reading Atlantic Book Awards Shortlist 2021

Melt by Heidi Wicks

Warning: Slightly spoilery! August wasn't that long ago, right? At least, it doesn't feel that long ago since I read Melt. I remember being smitten by the cover (isn't it beautiful?) and taken in by the thirty-year-long friendship between the two women. It can't be easy to write about a long friendship--friendships are complicated--but Wicks … Continue reading Melt by Heidi Wicks

Highlights of 2019: Part 2

My last post focused on Best Atlantic Canadian Reads of 2019. Here’s everything else… Best Books (in addition to Best of Atlantic Canada 2019, in no particular order)   Fiction: Quarry by Catherine Graham This Has Nothing To Do With You by Lauren Carter - I also read her recent poetry collection this year, Following Sea. … Continue reading Highlights of 2019: Part 2

Highlights of 2019 Part 1: Atlantic Canada

Four years ago I decided to challenge myself to read more books from Atlantic Canada. As a result, I have read 100 books from Atlantic Canada in the last four years. You can check out results of previous years here: 2018, 2017, 2016. #of Atlantic Canadian books read: 25 (last year, 23) % of books … Continue reading Highlights of 2019 Part 1: Atlantic Canada

Margaret Atwood Reading Month: Covers Images #MARM

After much dithering, I've decided to look back on the first cover of each of Margaret Atwood's novels. There have been many different covers for her novels over the years. Let's have a look at a small sampling... The Edible Woman - McClelland & Stewart (1969), Virago (1980), Bantam (1991), Surfacing - McClelland & Stewart … Continue reading Margaret Atwood Reading Month: Covers Images #MARM