Quarry by Catherine Graham

In an interview with Shelagh Rogers on The Next Chapter, Catherine Graham tells us that she loves words with multiple meanings. Quarry, the title of her book, can mean a man-made pit, prey, and it comes from the French word "coeur" as in "heart". Quarry's protagonist, Caitlin Maharg, an only child, grows up beside a … Continue reading Quarry by Catherine Graham


Margaret Atwood Reading Month: Covers Images #MARM

After much dithering, I've decided to look back on the first cover of each of Margaret Atwood's novels. There have been many different covers for her novels over the years. Let's have a look at a small sampling... The Edible Woman - McClelland & Stewart (1969), Virago (1980), Bantam (1991), Surfacing - McClelland & Stewart … Continue reading Margaret Atwood Reading Month: Covers Images #MARM