Frying Plantain by Zalika Reid-Benta

"On my first visit to Jamaica I saw a pig's severed head." And so begins our time with Kara, a second-generation Jamaican-Canadian who, unlike her Jamaican cousins, does not feel comfortable with dead animals, and whose Jamaican accent is not strong enough for her Jamaican-Canadian friends. Yet around her white classmates, Kara feels too Jamaican. … Continue reading Frying Plantain by Zalika Reid-Benta


Even Weirder Than Before by Susie Taylor

Remember talking on the phone for hours while doing homework? Or waiting by the phone all day for a certain someone to call you, and hoping your parents (or worse, a sibling) don't pick up the phone first? Remember renting movies at a video store and looking up numbers in the phone book? Swatches and … Continue reading Even Weirder Than Before by Susie Taylor

Missy Marston: ‘Bad Ideas’ and ‘The Love Monster’

This book is delicious - I ate it right up. Twenty-three year old Trudy lives with her mother and her four-year-old niece, Mercy. Mercy's mother Tammy left home long ago and no one has heard from her since. Trudy and her mother Claire both work at the linen factory, working opposite shifts, so there's always … Continue reading Missy Marston: ‘Bad Ideas’ and ‘The Love Monster’