The Madrigal by Dian Day

The Madrigal had me from the very first paragraph... I was the aberration in my family: a single child. My mother had three sets of identical twins, and then me. Two boys, two boys, two boys. At least if I had been a girl it would have been some consolation for all of us. But … Continue reading The Madrigal by Dian Day


Crow by Amy Spurway

I'm seeing Crow everywhere right now; on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. And I can see why readers are falling in love with this book. Meet Crow... I come from a long line of lunatics and criminals. Crazies on one side of the family tree, crooks on the other, although the odd crazy has a … Continue reading Crow by Amy Spurway

Poetry: Following Sea by Lauren Carter

Five years ago, when my blog was still a baby, I read (and loved) Swarm, Lauren Carter's debut novel, and interviewed her about it. (Lauren's answers were fantastic and I'd love to bring this interview to fresh eyes, so please have a look.) In my last question, I asked her about other projects she was … Continue reading Poetry: Following Sea by Lauren Carter

K.D. Miller: ‘Late Breaking’ and ‘All Saints’

I have been itching to write about these books since reading them - since before I finished reading them. These stories are brilliant and addictive and I wanted them to last forever. Late Breaking (2018) Late Breaking is K.D. Miller's most recent book, and it's the one I read first (thanks to the folks at … Continue reading K.D. Miller: ‘Late Breaking’ and ‘All Saints’

Project Bookmark Canada: Love Enough by Dionne Brand (2014)

Dionne Brand's Love Enough is the 22nd Bookmark on the CanLit Trail. I'm happy that Dionne Brand has a Bookmark, and I'm happy that I have finally read one of her books. "Brand is our great observer - of actions, of emotions, of the little things that often go unnoticed but can mean the turn … Continue reading Project Bookmark Canada: Love Enough by Dionne Brand (2014)