Timothy Findley


It has taken me a while to get around to my F-book, but I’ve finally made my decision.  I’m going to read The Wars by Timothy Findley.  In 1977, The Wars won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction, and it has been sitting on my shelf for several years now.  Two good reasons to read this book.

Some facts about Timothy Findley:

* he was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1930

*He pursued a career in the arts, and was part of the original Stratford Festival Company in the 1950s

*in the 1960s he more actively began he writing career

*he has won many awards over the years, including a Governor General’s Award, the Canadian Authors Association Award, an ACTRA Award, the Order of Ontario, and the Ontario Trillium Award

*in 1985 he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada

*he was a founding member and chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada, and a president of the Canadian chapter of PEN International

*Findley and his partner, Bill Whitehead, resided near Cannington, Ontario and in the south of France

*in 2002 he was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame

*Findley died June 21, 2002

Other novels by Timothy Findley include:

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Not Wanted on the Voyage – Shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award for Fiction.  This one sounds good too!  Has anyone read it?

The Piano Man’s Daughter – liked this one!  Shortlisted for the Giller Prize.

Pilgrim – Shortlisted for the Giller Prize.

Headhunter – This one is on the Canada Reads Top 40 list this year.  Has anyone read this and know why it might have been a contender?

Famous Last Words

The Last of the Crazy People  – This is his first book, published in 1967.

Spadework – I read this a long time ago, but don’t remember liking it a whole lot.

You Went Away – I remember not thinking much of this one either.

The Telling of Lies

Has anyone read any of these, or have thoughts on Timothy Findley?

8 thoughts on “Timothy Findley

    • Naomi says:

      Some of his other book covers have a similar look. When I’m finished the book, I’ll be interested to see if this cover reflects what’s inside.

  1. ebookclassics says:

    I haven’t read any of his of books, although he has been recommended to me. I believe he is one of those authors that you either like or just can’t get into. Enjoy the book!

  2. tanya (52 books or bust) says:

    Yeah, you read Findley for F. He is one of my favorite authors. I loved The Wars and Famous Last Words might be one of my top picks for him. I also loved Headhunter. It’s been so long since i read it but it has huge cross over with Heart Of Darkness.

    • Naomi says:

      I realized I haven’t read enough of his books, considering I have 3 sitting unread on my shelf. I hope I like it! Famous Last Words is another one I have. If I like The Wars, I will have to read that one next.

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