Quotes from Canada; Tom Rachman

I’m adding this new feature to my blog, so that when I come across a quote that has made me smile or made me think, I will be able to share it. Most of the time, my quotes will be Canadian, in keeping with the main theme of my blog.


My first quote comes from a book I just read and reviewed, called The Rise and Fall of Great Powers by Tom Rachman. I loved this book, and, this is one of my favourite quotes from it.

People kept their books, she thought, not because they were likely to read them again but because these objects contained the past – the texture of being oneself at a particular place, at a particular time, each volume a piece of one’s intellect, whether the work itself had been loved or despised or had induced a snooze on page forty.

Why do you hold on to books?

17 thoughts on “Quotes from Canada; Tom Rachman

  1. whatmeread says:

    I actually only keep books I think I’m going to read again. I still have hundreds of books, so obviously I am more optimistic than otherwise. However, I do many of them more than once.

  2. kmn04books says:

    First of all – I LOVE the idea of this feature! I agree; some books I will never get rid of because of the sentiment that it holds, whether it be a time in my life or the content of the book itself. Great quote 🙂 I’m working on my review of this book still – hoping to get it posted today!

  3. cravesadventure says:

    I hold on to books because I can relate to the story. I hold on to books because I want to escape and fantasize. I hold on to books because I use for creativity or reference. Great Share – Happy Weekend 🙂

  4. Cecilia says:

    I think this is a fantastic new feature, Naomi, and I love how you use the quotes to start conversations! I carry around a little notebook as well to write down quotes that really strike me.

    I just have a hard time parting with books that I’ve either really enjoyed or respect. I do get rid of books that hold no meaning for me. To me getting rid of good books is almost like getting rid of photographs. Books accompany me throughout life and each one has made a mark on me in some way, shape or form.

    • Naomi says:

      Thanks, Cecilia! I’m glad to see others share my love of good quotes. And, I agree. Books can have just as much sentimental value as photos or other keepsakes. Just looking at them every day makes me happy. 🙂

  5. tanya (52 books or bust) says:

    I used to hoard books, but i don’t keep nearly as many as I used to. A trans-Atlantic move teaches you to cull your collection. Now I love giving my books to people. If you come over to my house you are guaranteed to leave with at least one book.
    By the way, i love this feature!

    • Naomi says:

      Thanks, Tanya! And I love that you give your books away. That would be hard to do, but I can also see how it would be fun! Are you ever afraid they won’t love it as well?

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