Lauren B. Davis

The next book that I’ve chosen for my A-Z CanLit project is the newest book by Lauren B. Davis, The Empty Room.  I feel as though I should read her first books first, but sometimes it works just as well to go backwards.  Here are a few things I have learned about Lauren B. Davis, all of which I read here on her website.  After reading about her and her books, I feel as though I want to read them all now, instead of just one.

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*Lauren B. Davis was born and raised in Montreal

*in 1994, she moved to France with her husband, where they lived for 10 years

*while in France, Lauren B. Davis was able to publish her first two books, Rat Medicine & Other Unlikely Curatives (2000), and The Stubborn Season (2002)

*also, while in France, she realized she had an alcohol problem and needed to get sober

*in 2004, Davis and her husband moved to Princeton, New Jersey, where Davis teaches writing at a men’s prison and leads monthly writing workshops called Sharpening the Quill 

*The Radiant City was published in 2006, An Unrehearsed Desire in 2008, Our Daily Bread in 2011, and The Empty Room in 2013

*Lauren B. Davis describes The Empty Room as a “speculative look at how a day in my life might have looked had I not stopped drinking alcohol 18 years ago”

Writing is a practice, like meditation or prayer.  You have to keep at it, day after day, even when it seems like nothing good is happening.  Perhaps especially then.   -Lauren B. Davis

8 thoughts on “Lauren B. Davis

  1. Vine Vampire says:

    Such good writing advice. Stephen King describes it as “hypnosis”, and it really can feel that way sometimes. Do you have any techniques for getting more concentrated when working?

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